3 move on to the Top 12 on AI

Yes, three folks moved on to AI's top 12 last night, and Tatiana was not one of them...thank god. The three who went on were two of my favs, Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey. The third was Roughneck Michael what's-his-name. Ryan Seacrest announced that Michael beat out Anoop by only 20,000 votes. Dang, if I'd been home, I could've saved Anoop. (Well, me and 19,999 other people.) Maybe the judges will bring him back during wildcard week. I think he's an interesting character, and to hear such a soulful sound come from him is both surprising and refreshing.

I'm not

Hmm...I got interrupted and lost my train of thought there. I don't know what "I'm not" about. If I think of it, I'll be back.

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