Night 2 of AI 2009

Just wanted to make a few comments about last night's American Idol. I loved Anoop (the guy who Simon said looked like he was coming from a meeting with Bill Gates) and Asa, with the adorable little girl. I also really like Matt? (Or Michael?) Can't remember his name, but he was the one whose wife died recently. How sad. [Note: found out his name is Danny. So I was a little off. Who cares?]

I forgot to say from Tuesday night: did that girl really call Simon, "Simey"?!? Who does she think she is???

Not much else stands out from last night. (That's my cover for "I don't really remember anything else.") Oh, I did think of something else--the girl with WAY too much eyeliner singing a song written by Simon Cowell for Leona Lewis. The song is called Footprints in the Sand, and the girl came out singing "Footsteps in the sand...." Simon cut her off immediately and said "It's footprints." Whoops!

Update: I just had to post this funny comment from Lisa de Moraes' TV blog on washingtonpost.com:
Back from the commercial break, the judges are still mulling Von Smith. Randy announces the vocals were pretty good. Simon guesses Smith's family loves his over-the-top performances, while Kara wants to talk about his "big instrument," which 18 viewers misinterpret, leading them to start crafting letters of complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. Miraculously, Smith gets sent to Hollywood.


kerri said...

i found myself speeding thru not just the commercials but lots of stuff... 2 hours 2 nites in a row is just too long!

my favorite of the night- the only one that stood out to me- was the guy you mentioned who lost his wife only a few weeks before the taping of the auditions...

Valerie said...

I agree completely--I was fast-forwarding through a lot too. I love Tivo!

Yeah, that guy had a great voice--I loved his soulfulness. I don't think his friend was as good as he is.

That reminds me--the two sisters...Asia and India. The tall one was so sweet and seemed so genuinely happy for her sister making the show, even though she didn't. NIce girl.