Inauguration of Barack Obama - 1.20.09

On Tuesday, I ventured to DC, along with 1.8 million other people, to witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I went with my sister and dad, as well as my two aunts who came down from NYC.

The whole day was fantastic! Everyone was so happy and it was fun to be among all the euphoria. Big cheers went up depending who was on the Jumbotron--big cheers for Jimmy Carter, Teddy Kennedy, the Clintons, the Obama girls, Michelle Obama. And then, the first time they showed Barack Obama--man! People went crazy!!! There were also huge boos when they showed GW and Cheney. Even though I completely agree with the sentiment, I thought that was in poor taste for that kind of event. I recorded MSNBC you could really hear the booing on their microphones. I wonder if Bush/Cheney could hear. I don't imagine the folks in the ticketed area at the Capitol Building were booing--at least, I hope not!

It was also a LONG day. We left home around 6:45am, and got home around 6:15pm. After the ceremony, we walked up 18th street, which was designated as pedestrian only, trying to find somewhere to eat. I have never seen so many people in my life!

A sea of people after the swearing-in

Of course, everyone was doing the same thing, so all the restaurants were packed. We ended up walking past Dupont Circle and went to a Mexican restaurant we like there. I think it took about 2.5 - 3 hours to get there. I tried to map it out on Mapquest and I we walked at least 3 miles. (We probably did a mile and a half in the morning, so a good 4.5 - 5 miles for the day. Whew!) A three-mile walk in and of itself isn't that bad, but after standing for 4 hours, it was rough. When I got home that night, my feet were killing me. But. It was SO worth it!

I'm really glad I got to participate. Despite the cold and the crowds, I think we made the right decision to go. I'm so pleased and proud to say that I was there.

Here are a few other pics from the day:

U.S. Flag

Washington Monument

And more people

Now, I think this is my favorite clip from the day. Those Obama girls are so dang cute, and Sasha is too much!

Oh, and to get the weekend kicked off right, I went out dancing with my sister and our friend Traci. We went to a club called Park at Fourteenth. Mainly because their website advertised that my future husband, rapper/actor Common, would be there. (And, it is a nice club.)

Anyway, at some point, I realized I was missing my little change purse which had all my money, my driver's license and my ATM card. Ack! We split up and my sister went upstairs back to the bar where we'd last bought drinks, and Traci and I went downstairs to the front desk. (The place has four levels.) We get to the front desk, and amazingly, they have my change purse! I couldn't believe it! And all the money was there! I'm guessing an employee turned it in, but who knows. So, we head back upstairs to find Debbie and we notice all this commotion. I look over, and there's Common, surrounded by a bunch of women squealing taking his picture. I told Traci I wanted to stop and take his picture, but she said, "We have to find Debbie!" I was like, "Debbie who?" But, we found her, and then went back to the crowd. I didn't get a chance to ask him to marry me, but I did get a shot of his profile with my phone camera.

If I hadn't lost my change purse, we wouldn't have been on that side of the club, and we would've missed him all together. It was fate!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention something. Best Buy was hosting a viewing party at D.A.R. Constitution Hall, which is on 18th Street. Folks could get in from the cold and watch the ceremony & parade in the auditorium. We didn't do that, but we did take advantage of the restroom facilities on our way to and from the Mall. This place has the largest women's bathroom I have ever seen. Even with so many people stopping in, there were NO lines. At the end of the day, a lot of the stalls were without TP, but I brought my own, so all was good. My mom pointed out that the place is run by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Nice job, ladies!

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