Here comes AI 2009

First show of the new season wasn't so bad. There were some funny moments, like the dude with the super-duper baritone voice, and good moments, like the tattoo girl who sang "Barracuda." It was painful to watch Randy and Simon thinking with their *tiny* heads and letting in Bikini Girl. I was with Kara and Paula all the way on that one. That girl was bad. I liked Kara a lot--I think she's a good addition. I was impressed with her vocal skills.

I really like the montage they do at the end of the show--this time with everyone singing "Dead or Alive"--hilarious!

Verdict: So far, so good.

In other news...did you see Bob cuss out Joelle on The Biggest Loser?! Whoa Bob!! Jillian said she'd never seen him that mad. Veins were popping out of his forehead, and he dropped the f-bomb at least 10 times. Later in the show, Bob commented that he was possessed by Jillian when it happened. It did seem that way!

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