It's right around the corner....

No. I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about the new season of American Idol. My sister and I know it's coming because Paula Abdul is suddenly doing interviews about the young lady who committed suicide outside Paula's home, what? A month or two ago? Paula is so sorry for what happened, and is also claiming that the producers knew this young lady was stalking Paula, yet allowed her into an audition--the whole thing freaked Paula out. Call us cynical, but Deb and I are wondering why Paula didn't express her sorrow at this young lady's troubles, um, WHEN IT HAPPENED?! Interesting that she's doing all the interviews now, a few weeks before the show's to start again. Yes. We are indeed cynical.

Now, last year I claimed that I wouldn't be watching this show again. It got on my nerves, and even though I was happy with the result (yay David Cook!), I was still annoyed by the show. Well, now they've added a fourth judge, and, of course I'm curious to see how that whole dynamic works. My friend Valerie, who knows me so well, wrote the following in an email:
I just KNEW you weren't going to abandon AI! It's in your blood, Val!! Even if there was no 4th judge this year, you wouldn't be able to hold out! And the sad thing is...you know it!

Argh! She's SO right. Dammit.

I guess AI is making some changes this year--only three weeks of auditions, instead of four. And there will be some wildcard selections left up to the judges for the top 12, outside of the America's votes. Well, that oughta spice things up.

We'll see how things go. The first time I get annoyed this year, that's it. It's over. I swear. (Shut up, Valerie.) :o)


Allyssa said...

I thought you were going to stick with me and not watch! Traitor! I'm not going to do it--I WILL NOT ADD AI TO MY TIVO! NOOOOOOOO! For the past 3 years I keep saying I'm not watching anymore and do and then regret it. No more! MUST RESIST!

Valerie said...

You're going to drag all of us nay-sayers back into it, aren't you? We'll be enthralled by your blogging and become addicted to find out what's happening, and the next thing you know...we'll become what we swore we would not...AI 2009 addicts! I hope you're happy with yourself. (is there an AIAnnoymous?)

Valerie said...

Allyssa, try to resist if you can. I'm.....too.........weak. Now, what do you think of the previews for the international dancing show? Starts Jan. 4 on NBC, I think. Looks kinda interesting, no?

Valerie, I don't know how, but this is all your fault. It can't be *my* fault, so it must be yours! AIAnnonymous...hahahaha!!

kerri said...

I must be a cynic too because I have my suspicions as well! And like you, I find myself irritated by Idol, but continue to keep going back for me.
I'm falling for exactly what Paula intended...I'm hoping for the extra tension and awkward of the judges- Fun!