Catching up

On Amazing Race this week, Dan & Andrew (otherwise known as Dandrew) had a hard time completing a task where they had to gear up like the Russian military and then learn and perform their march. I rewound and watched this several times. I'll let it speak for itself.

In other TV news, the finale of True Blood was something else. ***SPOILER ALERT*** I went crazy when Sookie stabbed Rene in the next with the shovel. OH MY GOD!!!! Then, poor Bill (the vampire) risked his "life" (he's a vampire--he's already dead, but whatever) by coming into the daylight to try to save Sookie. He burnt to a crisp, and Sam buried him in the ground. He recovered, but had to feed on someone--he apparently chose Lafayette, another of my favorite characters. Now. Since Bill went through so much turmoil in having to convert that annoying girl to a vampire, I don't think he'd *kill* anyone else. I think (hope) Lafayette's still alive. And what's up with the social worker/shape shifter? What does she want with Tara and how does she know Sam?? This lady is played by Michelle Forbes whose acting has greatly improved over the years. She used to be on Guiding Light when I used to watch back in the late 80's. She played a dual role: Sonny (nice twin) and Solita (evil twin). Her acting? Not so much. Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next on this show. I think it'll be back next summer.***END SPOILER***

Lessee. What else? Oh. ABC is canceling three shows I like: Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone & Dirty Sexy Money. I guess ABC is going to continue airing the episodes that are already made, but won't be ordering up for next season. Too bad.

I recently bought Seal's new CD, Soul, and Pink's new one, Funhouse. Love them both. I bought Soul because they were playing it over the system at Barnes & Noble and I knew I had to have it. I was trying to think of all the CD's I've bought for that reason--that marketing technique sure works on me. In addition to Seal, I've bought the following just because I heard them in a store and liked them a lot:

  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 10 Days Out - Blues from the Backroads
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Naturally (heard at Tower Records)
  • Sharon Jones and the Dap Kins, 100 Days, 100 Nights (heard at B&N)
  • Duffy, Rockferry
  • Pure Jazz - compilation
OK. It's late (1:00am) and I do have to work tomorrow. It won't be so bad though...I get to leave 3 hours early. YES!

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