Amy saves the day!

I've come to really, really dislike some people on this season's Biggest Loser (my sister doesn't like me to use the word 'hate'). In particular, Vicky & Heba.

And to a lesser extent, their husbands, Brady and Ed:


Ed, in the orange short, had been voted off earlier this season, but got to come back on this week's show. With these four and their alliance, there's really no chance for anyone else to get ahead. Plus, Vicky, is a crazy bee-yotch--I think there's evil in her eyes. For some reason, the other three always follow her lead. So, it is imperative that THEY fall into the position of possibly being voted off.

On tonight's show, the four of them, plus Amy were all on Bob's blue team. Because Brady (brown shirt) didn't lose enough weight this week, he was up for elimination. The other person up for elimination was Michelle, who's on the black team. Because the blue team outnumbered the black team by two, it stood to reason that all of the blue members could vote to keep Brady on the show. Before the elimination, Vicky, with the evil gleam in her eyes, made some snide remark about strength in numbers. As they went down the line, Brady had two votes and Michelle had two votes, so it came down to Amy. And, as my headline noted, Amy saved the day!!! She voted Brady off the show. Now Vicky will have to be on her own. Boo. Hoo. She got what she deserved. It would've been that much better if SHE were voted off, but alas, we'll have to wait one more week. In the meantime, thank you Amy!

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