You gotta have a plan

I spent Labor Day weekend in Omaha, NE visiting family. My dad and I had a talk with my 9-year-old cousin, C, about what he wants to be when he grows up. He told us that he wants to be an actor, a football player, a basketball player and a soccer player. My dad asked how he was going to do all that. His response:
Well, first I'll be an actor. And then I'll retire. Then, I'll play football. After that, I'll retire, and then I'll play basketball. Then I'll retire from that and play soccer. And then I'll retire.

DAD: So how old will you be when you're done with all that?

C: Umm....um...let's see.....I'll be around twenty-six.

He's going to have quite a life! (By the way, after all that, C will then become a doctor.)

In other news, my aunts from NYC were also in Omaha to visit. They stayed at my grandmother's house and we went over to watch Barack Obama's speech on Thursday night. My dad left soon after the speech and Debbie and I stayed to chit chat. All of a sudden, SOMETHING came flying into the room. I jumped up and screamed, WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! and ran into the kitchen. We were all screaming and going crazy. Debbie was holding a pillow over her head, for fear it'd fly onto her head. The thing just kept flying back and forth, back and forth. Finally, it went into the foyer area, and my aunt went to open the front door, hoping it'd fly out. It didn't. It went upstairs.

Oh. My. God.

We called my dad to see if he'd come back over to take care of the situation, but he was already in bed, and basically told us too bad. We settled down, and talked about what to do if it came back. Debbie suggested that we should remain calm and quiet--she thought our screaming is what made it fly back and forth so frantically. I told my aunts that if I were them, I'd sleep downstairs...there's no way in hell I'd go upstairs not knowing where that thing is.

Our hearts started beating normally and we got back to the gossip. About and hour later, here it comes again! Again, I was screaming like a maniac. Debbie kept telling me to be quiet. I tried, but every time it came near me, I screamed again--I couldn't help it! Finally, it went back to the foyer, my aunt opened the door again, but again, the thing flew upstairs. Wethey could see it flying back and forth in the bathroom at the top of the stairs. [I had no desire to see it again.] Debbie then came up with the idea to turn off the lights in the foyer, and she went outside with a flashlight, hoping the thing would be attracted to the light like bugs are. Sure enough....it flew right down the stairs and out the door. Yay Debbie!

I keep referring to it as a "thing" because we just don't know if it was a bird or a bat. It was flying so fast, we could never see its face or body that clearly. Most of my screaming was because I thought it was a bat and I want nothing to do with those creatures. I remember many years ago National Geographic ran a story about bats. There was a centerfold that showed the faces of at least 20 different species of bats. I couldn't even look at it--it made me feel sick to my stomach.


Anyway, fun times in Omaha!

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Cyndi said...

That is funny...good thing he didn't try to suck your blood!