Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Over the weekend, I went with Debbie and our friend, L, to see Woody Allen's newest movie. We all really enjoyed it. I think Deb and I enjoyed it all the more because in scene after scene we were able to remember all we'd done when we were in Barcelona earlier this year. Vicky and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall, respectively, travel to Barcelona for the summer and get involved with Javier Bardem (man, he's sexy in this movie) and his ex-wife played by Penélope Cruz. All of the actors gave great performances, but Javier and Penélope were fantastic. There's a scene where they're arguing en español that was so passionate and heartfelt, it kind of took my breath away.

Our friend sat in between us, and before the movie started, she asked if Debbie and I wanted to sit next to each other to compare notes. We declined, and good thing because we would've become two of the people I detest most: those who talk throughout a movie.

Just like he's done with Manhattan over and over again, Woody Allen really showcased Barcelona in each scene. Every time a different locale was featured, I'd think to my self, we were there!

Web work at entrance to La Pedrera

And there!

Dragon @ Parc Güell

We were standing RIGHT THERE!

Parc Güell

Yeah, we would've driven L crazy.

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