F***ing Bruges!

I watched In Bruges yesterday and really liked it a lot. It's about two hit men, who are sent to Bruges (Belgium) after completing a hit to hide out and await further instruction. One of them, Ken, played by Brendan Gleeson, is happy to be in Bruges and immediately starts to visit all the tourist attractions. Ray (Colin Farrell) on the other hand, can't stand it and wants to leave. Despite some pretty gruesome crime scenes, the movie's a dark comedy with some really great moments between Ken & Ray. Sure, they're killers, but they're also very human and humane, believe it or not. Ralph Fiennes is "the boss" who too has his own sense of morality. The scenes of Bruges were gorgeous. It's a medieval city that dates back to the 12th century. As they said in the movie, at every turn, it looks like a fairy tale. Anyway, the movie's great--check it out. Oh, and the language is a little harsh, but it sounds good with Colin's Irish accent.

Did you see the U.S. win the 4x100-meterr freestyle relay last night?! HOLY COW! What a fantastic race. This win was truly sweet since they beat the French team, who'd been doing some trash talking--saying they were there to "smash the U.S." Hah! Who's smashed now?! I was screaming at the TV. The neighbors might've heard me... Obviously, my screaming at Jason Lezak to push ahead worked. ;o)


Cyndi said...

We used to go to Brugges on the weekends when we got bored and took a road tip. It's a beautiful city..lots of canals and museums. That makes me miss Belgium!!!

Valerie said...

You should rent the movie--maybe it'll bring back memories. Watch it AFTER Matthew goes to sleep! Also, in the extras of the DVD, there's a boat tour--so you're moving along the canals as if you're in a boat, and you get a little history lesson of the place. That was kinda cool.

Allyssa said...

I just watched this movie last weekend (I'm a huge Colin Farrell fan--he's my ONE), and thought it was good, though a little slow-moving at the beginning. I just loved how the story showed the humanity of even "evil" people.