SYTYCD - Top 9 + 1 perform

Wow--so much happened on last night's show, and I forgot to bring my notes with me, so I'll just make a few observations:

1. Jessica is out, Comfort is in. At the beginning of the show, Jessica came out to announce she has some broken ribs and is going to be out for four weeks (it sounds like she'll still tour with the Top 10 though). Nigel said they felt it was fair to bring back the last girl who had been voted off, and that's Comfort. If she survives this week, I wonder if she'll be able to tour with the Top 10?

2. Kherington and Mark's pairing wasn't good. Their first dance, a country two-step, was HORRIBLE. The worst I've seen probably since season one. Their connections weren't there--it always looked like Mark was waiting for Kherington's hand to arrive. The two also couldn't muster any chemistry, which was very apparent in their second dance--a jazz routine. I thought they danced it well, but I was bored. The judges seemed to agree.

3. Gev can do anything. I forget that he's a B-Boy sometimes. Even though he's not perfect at other genres, he goes head first into them, and I thought he did a great job with the contemporary & the Jive. His solo was a lot of fun to watch--he bounces around and drops to the floor like he doesn't have any bones in his body. BTW, his partner this week was Chelsie, who's a little ball of fire. She's got the most energy of anyone on the show.

4. Anyway, Comfort danced with Twitch, who I love more and more every week, if that's possible. Their first dance a waltz, which was just eh. I think Twitch did better than Comfort did. Their second dance was a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Dave Scott (Erika, it was great to see a different choreographer, right?) and I thought they knocked it out of the park. It was fun to watch, and I felt Comfort's dancing came close to matching Twitch's. (I won't say she matched him completely, because she didn't...but, she came close.) I think this routine might save her this week. (This week, eliminations are based solely on America's phone calls. I think Kherington and Mark might be in trouble.)

5. Will and Katee--A FANTASTIC PAIRING. I think they're the most talented and versatile guy & girl. Their first routine was Broadway and their second was a Pas de Deux, a first for the series. That Pas de Deux was wonderful. Mary Murphy called it exquisite. It was SO powerful and we got to see Will without a shirt again, which was just fine with me*. Except for one little mistake they made, I think this could've been a professional performance shown at the Kennedy Center. Just wonderful--my favorite of the night.

6. I still love Joshua too. He danced with Courntey this week, first a hip-hop routine, and then a rhumba. The hip-hop was cute, but woo-hoo! That rhumba was SEXY!!! Joshua & Courtney looked like they'd been dancing that style forever. I loved it!

Each dancer also performed a solo (I told you it was a busy show!) Will blew me away with his solo last week. I thought it was the best I'd ever seen on this show. He didn't disappoint last night either. I also enjoyed Twitch & Joshua's solos. Those guys are great at what they do.

After all that, my favorite routines were:

1. Will/Katee - Pas de Deux
2. Joshua/Courtney - Rhumba
3. Twitch/Comfort - Hip-Hop

Least favorties:
1. Mark/Kherington - Country Two-Step
2. Mark/Kherington - Jazz
3. Twitch/Comfort - Waltz

*Last night I was talking to my mom about Will and his amazing physique. I told her that I wasn't sure how old he is, but I hope he's in his 20's, because otherwise, I'd feel a little skeevy. (Good news: he's 21!) Then I had a flashback to the early 80's when we were at one of my sister's swim meets. One of the 18-year-old swimmers from another team walked by and my mom commented about how good looking he was--she probably commented on his physique because swimmers have great backs. Anyway, I was grossed out (I was 10 or 11) and told her "Mom, he's too young for you!" She replied, "I can still look." As we were talking, I realized that I'm now about the same age she was then (I'm 37), and am drooling over a 21-year-old on TV. My mom said something about the cycle continuing. UGH.


Allyssa said...

When Daniel Radcliffe was in that theater production with the horse (Equuss?), I clicked on pictures to see him naked, for research purposes only, of course (we were trying to decide on whether to get Bennett circumsized), and then my husband walked by and said, "you know he's underage, right?" Ack, I totally freaked out and felt like a perv.

Erika said...

I'm right there with you on your assessment of the show. Kherrington and Mark were AWFUL. That two-step was painful to watch, and I LIKE both country music and watching people two-step. Neither one of them looked like they were having any fun: I wonder if they don't like each other: they didn't dance like they wanted to touch each other at all. Did you notice that?

I loved that pas-de-deux, and I was sad that Will and Katee made a mistake in it, only because it was so beautiful and I wanted them to feel really good about it. You could tell on their faces when they were listening to the critique that they were worried (Katee, in particular, didn't have a smile on her face for the first time ever -- i kept wondering if she had injured herself somehow, and then I realized after seeing her reaction to Nigel mentioning the mistake that she (and Will also) was probably waiting to get jumped on for that error. Which brings me to a side note: the judges clearly love both of them, because that was actually a very obvious mistake they made (it's not like one of those mistakes that only they and the choreographers knew had happened), and only one judge even really mentioned it. Now, I, myself, was totally willing to overlook it given how amazingly they did the rest of that dance, but the judges do not treat all of the contestants the same, and they are only harsh with the dancers they don't seem to like).

I loved having Dave Scott back choreographing -- I really like his style. And I am so glad that Comfort and not Jessica was dancing his hip hop number. Although the pairing of Comfort and Twitch immediately made me remember season one and the stage of the game where Destiny and Jamile were paired together for the first (and only) time, and they had to dance two numbers: some kind of waltzy type dance (or maybe a foxtrot), and a hip hop number by Shane Sparks (Shake Shake by the Ying Yang Twins) that I still remember to this day because it was the first time that two people who knew how to dance hip hop were given a hip hop number -- and they knocked it out of the park. The Comfort-Twitch sitch last night was soooo eeerily similar, even though Twitch has never been really even close to being eliminated.

I could go on and on. Switch from last week: Mark went upstairs to watch *his* program while I sucked up reality show goodness! ;o)

Valerie said...

Allyssa: LOL!!!!

Erika: How do you remember all the details from season one so well?! I'm impressed! I'm going to search for that Destine/Jamile dance on YouTube this evening. Looking forward to tonight's show. (P.S. Agree completely that Jessica & the hip-hop routine would not have worked.)

Erika said...

***Spoiler alert in case you haven't watched the results show yet!!!***

Ack! I am sad that Gev got voted off the show! Last night Mark danced way, way worse than Gev, and his solos don't impress me. I thought it was time for Mark to go, if it was between him and Gev. I wasn't sad at all about Kherrington going last night, and she danced her solo like she knew she was going home -- no energy in her legs, she just looked big and kind of awkward. Thoughts?