SYTYCD - Down to 8

So, Gev & Kherington are gone. Kherington I'm okay with. Gev, I'm not. As my friend Erika pointed out in the comments to the previous post, Gev's solos were so much better than Mark's this week. It really should've been Mark to go. My prediction about Comfort making it through panned out, but we'll see what happens next week. I just don't think she's as talented as Katee, Courtney and Chelsie. I'm SO excited that Will, Joshua & Twitch are in the top 4. After we hopefully get rid of Mark next week, they'll be the best top 3 guys the show's ever had, and it will be hard to say goodbye to any of them. The Top 4 for the whole show should be Will, Josh, Twitch & Katee. IMO, of course.

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